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Benefits of ALLY® for your business

At a time when it is vital to stand out from your competition, ALLY® will enable you to offer a service that other practices may not provide. It will also ensure long-lasting relationships with existing clients alongside attracting new ones, whilst looking after your staff. ALLY® will also offer an opportunity to advertise your veterinary practice on our website.

Customer care, investment and retaining clients

The potential strength of bond and attachment between companion animals and their owners should always be considered and respected especially as the importance and status of pets in western culture continues to deepen. Together with the advances in veterinary medicine continuing to rise - as communicated by Petplan and in the media, by programmes such as Supervet- owners' expectations and emotional and financial investment may be very high. Therefore when the death of their pet occurs an owner's loss should never be underestimated...

ALLY® is a service focussing on the needs of the owner to acknowledge their pet loss. It will help your practice further improve client retention (14% of clients changed their veterinary practice after their pet was euthanised even if they were satisfied with the care provided*), strengthen your practice reputation in the community and attract new clients as well as fulfil some of the 'Client Experience: Core Standards' from the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme Modules and Awards.

Support for your staff

By having our integral provision of support in place and respecting at all times that the welfare of the animal is the remit of the vet, ALLY® will enable staff to rest assured that clients are being fully supported, if needed, through this stressful period, reducing the pressure of practical time constraints and preventing compassion fatigue.

Professional and Personal development for your staff

These courses provide invaluable personal and professional development opportunities for your staff who complete our interactive training. This will assist them in reaching their full potential and enhance job satisfaction which is particularly important for staff members who may have limited opportunities for promotion.

Please visit our testimonial page for individuals' feedback.

Attracting new clients

A YouGov national survey completed specifically for ALLY® in October 2011 demonstrates a high demand for the ALLY® service by pet owners throughout the country and illustrates that the availability of such a service will influence their choice when looking for a veterinary practice. Full results can be provided on request.

Costs of service

The cost of members of your team undergoing our training so that you can offer this support as an additional part of your customer service is a valuable investment, both for clients, staff and practice reputation. For further information about accessing this service,course fees and ALLY® membership for your practice please contact us and visit our training page.

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