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How can ALLY® help and support you, or someone you know, experiencing pet loss?



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“...a life does not have to
be human to be great...”
Michael Parfitt

We appreciate.

...the loss of a beloved pet who has often been a dear companion for many years can be difficult to even put into words… devastated, guilty, unbearable, alone, lonely, fearful and shocked are just a few words to describe how you may be feeling at this time.

We acknowledge.

...the importance of this loss and provide an opportunity for you to talk, plan and reflect. This will hopefully reduce your stress.

What will ALLY do?

ALLY® supporters will specifically focus on your needs during this difficult time. This may be when you first learn, from your vet, that your pet has a life threatening illness/is terminally ill, or if your pet becomes ill suddenly and has to be euthanised ('put to sleep'). Your pet may die unexpectedly or become lost, is stolen or suffers a traumatic attack. Sometimes due to unforeseen personal circumstances you may have to reluctantly give your animal up.

ALLY® aims to support you, to listen if you want to talk, to help you practically if needed and assist you as you begin the process of adjusting to the loss of your animal.

Our intention is to complement any existing services you may receive, though respecting at all times that the welfare of your pet/animal is the responsibility of you and your veterinary surgeon.

How will ALLY deliver this service to you?

The ALLY® service includes an initial consultation at an appropriate location within your organisation e.g. veterinary practice, rescue centre, etc, to discuss the support you need, some telephone contact and possible follow up consultations at the location. This service will continue until you feel you have adjusted sufficiently to cope with your loss.However, please note that ALLY ® is not a counselling service.

Where can I access this service?

Please contact us by email or telephone.