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Animal/Pet Owners

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Vet Practices

How can ALLY® benefit your clients, staff and business?


Rescue Centres

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Benefits of ALLY® for your business

The increased importance and status of pets in western society today together with the subsequent strength of bond forged between companion animals and their owners often cause additional complex challenges for those owners who have to reluctantly give their pet up, or it dies.

ALLY® enables your centre/organisation to offer a service that fully acknowledges this loss and therefore will foster client loyalty and trust.

Support and development for
your staff

ALLY® training will equip your staff with additional skills to help pet owners manage the challenges and implications involved in animal loss and the re-homing of their animal.

ALLY® is an invaluable resource providing professional and personal development opportunities for your staff to help them reach their full potential and enhance their job satisfaction whilst offering this service.

Please see our Testimonials page for individual accounts of this.

Costs of service

Investing in members of your team undergoing our training to provide this support as part of your service, is a worthwhile commitment to the overall ethos of your centre/organisation and will serve to further enhance your presence and reputation in the community.

For further information about accessing this service and ALLY® membership for your centre, please contact us and visit our Training Opportunities link.